Best animal sanctuaries in Europe

Best animal sanctuaries in Europe

An Animal sanctuary is a home for animals to live and stay protected from the harsh world. Animal shelters are places where animals are caged, or a specific area is fenced around them whereas a sanctuary is a broad spectrum of natural habitat for them to feel homely.

Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary, Salzburg – Austria

Aiderbichi in Henndorf is situated 20 km east of Salzburg and serves as a sanctuary for animals in a hopeless situation. The sanctuary was created by Micheal Aufhauser in the year 2000 and could be regarded as a paradise for animals. Hundreds of rescue cows, geese, donkeys, fox and horses greet you all around. This was built on the thought of “humanity” led by Micheal Aufhauser.

European Bison Reserve in Lozère

The endangered Bison of Europe are reintroduced in Lauzere in reserve with a motive to conserve the species. Out of the 3000 remaining, 1% of the Bisons lie in this reserve. In addition to the bison, there are occasional sightings of birds and few common animals. On a sledge-cart tour, your guide will enlighten you about the history and the geography of the place. In spite of only a particular species to watch, the place is beautiful and lively.

Alternative Wolf and Bear Park

The Alternative Wolf and Bear Park in the Black Forest isn’t an average animal park or zoo. It offers you sightings of the best bears, wolves and lynx rescued from circuses and zoos. The park was founded in 2010, and the primary focus was to give the European Brown Bears a better life. They recently joined in wolves and lynx. The word ‘alternative’ in the name suggests a new presence to the victims of horrible circumstances. The park is a natural home to the bears who roam around the wide-spread lush forest. The place is more scenic during winters, and the great walkways and hiking routes allow you to take a tour of the park and identify the various animals you spot along the way. It’s altogether a fun experience to visit the park and listen to the heartfelt stories of the rescue bears.

Home for Animals: A Farm Sanctuary, South Spessart

Home for Animals was found in 1996 and is a non-profit association in Germany. Since the foundation, animal-lovers have made a home for all animals, regardless of their size and existence, to provide them all the facilities until the end of their life, naturally. They have outgrown the number of 200 animals in their care. The veterinarian and regularly checks all of them; they’re housed in well-built barns, appropriately fed and have enough pastureland. The species range from horses, donkeys, cattle to wild pigs, foxes, peacocks, rabbits, waterfowl, etc. Their spirit of animal care is well driven by the care they take. The sanctuary looks matt green as the grass shines bright and the place is always welcoming.

National Exotic Animal Sanctuary

NEAS in Ireland is a collective effort of bringing all the unwanted, neglected and rare animals under one shelter and providing them with the necessary care and protection. Most of them are rescue animals, and the fun part is, you can adopt anyone you like! Although there’s some legal work involved, you get to bring that one cute four-legged love, home. You’ll find native birds like parrots, emus, macaws, parakeets and mammals like monkeys, raccoons, wolves, degus while some native reptiles. If you adore animals, you can also start volunteering as a caretaker there.

Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, Lugo

Best animal sanctuaries in Europe

Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary is another rescue farm where many have grown into beautiful adults after rescuing them from the critical stage. They welcome angels disguised as humans for creating a nurturing and caring environment for the second life they offer to the exploited victims. The farm is open to visitors so you can visually check and greet the cuties and discover their feelings. You’ll find every little one is taken care of, like a baby (they’re also given cute names.) and looked after well. It’s an ideal place to snuggle with soft sheep and walk with the mischievous goats.

Monkey World, Wool, Dorset

A 65-acre ape and monkey sanctuary, Monkey World lies near Wool, Dorset. I find this sanctuary quite interesting because the fact that the monkeys are wedded moves my heart. The farm holds endless primates with five species of Gibbons, the most abundant group of chimpanzees outside Africa, three groups of Orang-utans and 11 species of monkeys and prosimians. The sanctuary allows you to celebrate your kid’s birthday with few friendly wild mates around. There’s a section for kids’ club and picnics. It is a happy place for all the monkeys who live in the Monkey World.

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